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About the artist,

Born and raised in the East Bay of California, Sarah had aspirations to become an artist since her first viewing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Disney's Fantasia at a very young age. Inspired by Disney's reputation for creating beautiful animations and musical scores, she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Animation/Illustration in 2011; emphasis in storyboarding.


While she is a professional and a team player in every aspect of her life, Sarah is a first class goofball and storyteller. Humor, smiles and laughter go hand in hand when she is present and she believes the day cannot be completed until she had made at least one person laugh. She's a big comic book nerd, gamer enthusiast and regular novel bookworm. Never a dull moment!


Currently she is a freelance illustrator for hire while actively looking for a permanent studio to call home. She has big dreams to work with other great artists on an animated film or with her favorite video game companies. She also dreams of seeing the world! Italy! Greece! Japan! Adventure is out there!

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